08 June 2015

Form 5 life detail

Assalamualaikum, after a long long day/years tak post. Finally hati terbuka untuk sign in blog yang berhabuk. Usia blog dah mencecah enam tahun, alhamdulilah. Maknanya tuan blog pun makin meningkat usia. Times flies so fast, as this year, the owner of this blog will sit for spm. Meaning owner going to seventeen. 

Talking about life, school is extraordinary, well since form four everything was new to me, either environment, friends, studies and almost everything. Friends comes and go, I get to know more friends and the brand of them which is the exactly personalities. People say, when you go through your upper form life with those friends, they are actually your real friends untill college life. I do think so. Because my best friend was leaving to boarding, which is good and better for her & I am happy for her too. While me, I was still stick at the same school, but i do feel everything was new too me. For studies, I take accounts. To go through every subjects was hard, I never get straight a's since form four untill now (mid year exam) but I want to achieve straight a's for spm, well straight a+ just a bonus. I do like additional mathematic and chemistry but cant get along with physics. I've once cry because I failed for physics. Couldnt believe but its real. 

Mum said, she want me to be an accountant, which I like it too. The factor is because no one in my family works as accountant, but my aunty (mum's sister) work as banker. My sister say, she wont force me, but she will always support & encouraging me, what a love. For me, I go with my interest but if I didnt get the chance, I will go for plan b, taking human resources (HR) I always want to play with money, as in school too, I am a money collecter (bendahari exactly) Besides, I did not see another interest thing in my life. By the way, if my result is good and excellent, I plan to take JPA. Because mum said so. She really want to me study abroad. 

Till next entry, bye