05 August 2013

Bon anniversaire!

(I found a girl. She is so amazing. She might be reading this right now)

A deep voice of me

To someone I loved....

Oh I swear I miss this girl. I miss her so much & I'm so in tears now. But above all that, I'm also happy to know that she's no longer a little girl. She is growing becoming such a beautiful lady. So to my Zie, happy birthday to you. May always be happy and joyful, May extend life, May the blessed gods. Hopefully meet a good match. May your dreams to the France will come true. And most importantly, good luck in PMR examination 2013.

Thank you. I would like to say thank you for sticking with me & be my friend. Thank you for being there for whenever I need someone to talk to & thank you for not judging me. I love you and I hope we can be a best friend to the infinity. I pinky promise I will love you forever ({})

Sorry for not being able to see you and wish face to face.

So assalamualaikum, I love you Nur Hazieqah binti Ismadi.