19 May 2013

Full part of May.

Salam earthlings xx
I am so excited to update my blog since Ive so many stories gonna share with readers.

Mid term has ended on last Friday. Alhamdulilah, everything ok but Im not confident my science and maths paper. Probably scared of it. Last Friday too, Aidil, Daus, Syazwan, Putera, Syairah, Me and Fatiehah going to Mcdonald after our tuition class. I spending my whole evening with them playing dare, sharing stories, chatting, doing silly stuff, keep refill-ing cola. Mission accomplish on that week!

Last 2weeks on Thursday, 9th of May 2013.
Syahira as manja we call Peah's birthday. So just wishing happy belated birthday sayang. Be a good person, always hormat your parents and don't forget us. Memangkan waktu birthday dia tu exam week, so us tak buat any pranks or even celebrate with her.

Mothers day celebration.
Mama, youre my bestfriend, my listener, my chef, my nurse, my teacher and my everything. She struggled for me. While most of us take our mum for granted, there are people ho have never seen theirs. So thank you mama. Ill make you proud someday. I love you mama, happy mothers day. Best, the best child in the world.

What May means to you?
So May is entering its third week. I hhope its not too late to welcome May. Its a month of a lot of things.
A month of holidays.
A month of get together.
A month of examination.
A month od spending your money at the shopping malls for the things you will regret buying later.
A month of forgetting your homework cause now exam.
A month of waiting for your exam results.
A month od thinking back about your past month.
A month of beach vacation.
What ever May means to you, I just hope you have a good one and may all your resolution come true before its turning June.

My life.
Getting shocked and panicked now. I don't know why. Now I keep thinking about pmr. Yes, im currently battle with pmr and still having nerd life. Im getting tired easily now even I went back home at 1:50 everday except for Friday and Wednesday. And then, I got tuition class on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Haihhh how I can handle this? Help me.

Changing feelings.
How high my ego is? Back to my past..... I want to show you with all of my imperfections. I cant find myself because im tired of pushing people away without my consciousness. And im afraid I might had pushed you away too.

New boys.
Private and confidential.

ain's xx