02 December 2012

Great day.

A good beginning of December.
Such a great day yesterday. I hope i can reversible time using doraemon machine timer. Wake up early in the morning, showering myself and dress nicely. Me and my sister waits for abang emi come to my house and off to daiman. Everything was okay, abang emi so nice. Before this, i already meet him but im so shy to talk with him hahaha. Daiman?! A place that we can do so many activities likes bowling, arcade, and karaoke. But daiman famous as bowling places. Actually, my sister have her bowling tournament and shes import my cousin and abang emi for her team because shes dont know how to play bowling. Hahaahahaha but my cousin so pro in it.

To shorten the story, after the tournament finished, me my sister and abang emi going to somewhere and i dont want to tell readers hahahaaha and then off to kentucky fried chicken because were so hungry. At 3pm we have our lunch. And then, i get abang emi bbpin. Hhahahaha hes gave me okay. We reached home on 4.30pm somethings. I think its more exciting if we watch Life of PI together. Mmmmm but abang emi wanna back home earlier because hes a busy man. But he say im so strict. Yayy so true because we love to gaduh gaduh. I think hes really "anak ibu" -.-

xoxo, Ain