21 December 2012

A day.

This school holidays I just sit in front of the computer and .... I have watched several Indonesia movies. Somehow, I like about watching indonesia movies. Maybe because d sweet story. I promote a few stories that I've watched. Like, Ada apa dengan cinta, Bila, Apa artinya cinta, Love in Perth, Eiffel .... im in love, Dealova and My last love. But, Ada apa dengan cinta is the most story that i like. But most of the stories that I watch, related with love.

Last Saturday, me and my cousin went to hello kitty town at Puteri Harbour. Happy even though almost all game just for little kid. But at least if you want to spend that time may be. Sorry no pictures because my cousin has not been uploaded yet. And my pictures was too blurrr. Hahahaha sorry for that. Also, I get a certificate at the Black wonder since been able to solve some missions. I just bought some souvenirs. Supposedly as memories. And the food is very expensive at cafe red bow. Hmm, but I bought then. The reason, I was very hungry. Hahahaha. Feel so happy on that day and will going to Legoland soon or maybe to Lat place.

xoxo, Ain.