29 November 2012

Sometime in November

Showing you whats on my make-up table and in my bedroom.
Sometime you think youre not a good friends bcause youre friends choose to be with someone else. Yes, me too. If your friends never appreciate youer existence, then let them feel your absent. But its okay, someday you will find a good friends. I'll met some great friends out there who never get bored trying to advice me. Although sometimes I do not want to let a matter that should be shared with them. But they always understand my feelings. Since I am a secret keeper. At last, they know whats wrong with me if im not shared something with me. They will find out. Because that, what friends will do.  Although you past through a leap year and not being able to be besides them, their existence always seems so alive.
To everyone, who wasn't there for me when i was facing a hard time, dont even come to me and say that i cant do something new because of you do not know me well. You don't know what I've been through to get to where I am now.